Best Paying Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

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Are you looking for a job that allows you to stay at home with your children while making excellent money to support your family? There are several online jobs for stay at home moms that pay well, especially if you already have a degree or professional experience to get you further in your career.

Highest-Paying Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Many of these online jobs for stay at home moms are ones you may not have even known could be done online. Find them ranked by average salary:


Actuaries help businesses and organizations determine their financial risk. They’re excellent with numbers and statistics, making them extremely helpful for financial institutions, lenders, insurance companies, and similar organizations. Some actuaries work remotely for a company or as a contractor for different companies.

Actuaries typically need a degree in a financial discipline, like finance or accounting, and prior work experience. However, with the right credentials, you could have one of the highest paying careers while working from home.

Average salary: $93,417

Regional Sales Manager

Regional sales managers can often work remotely, but some travel may be necessary to meet with clients or teams as needed. However, depending on the company you work for, your travel could be minimal.

These jobs usually require a business-related bachelor’s degree, previous sales experience, some managerial experience, and incredible sales and communication skills.

Average salary: $82,483

Human Resources Manager

Amazon is just one of many companies that hire remote human resources managers with college and work experience. As a human resources manager, you’ll oversee the HR department for a company to ensure that both business and employee goals, rights, and best interests are fulfilled. Some travel and in-person work might be required, but most of your work can be carried out online, over the phone, and through online communication tools.

Average salary: $67,948

Telehealth Nurse

Insurance companies and medical organizations hire telehealth nurses to provide online or phone consultations to medical providers or patients. Because these positions require nursing credentials and licensure within the state you’re working, they also pay well to have professional nurses filling them.

If you do opt for a telehealth nurse career at home, you’ll need to make sure you have a quiet office space in which to work. Fortunately, many of these jobs are flexible with weekend and evening hours that might suit your family’s schedule well.

Average salary: $64,224

Marketing Manager

Marketing specialists typically have excellent pay, too, but you can earn even more as a marketing manager who oversees a marketing department and other specialists for a company. Marketing managers often have a few years of experience as a marketing specialist and understand how to guide a team through project management and communication skills. Having experience with remote collaboration tools, like Slack and Asana, can also come in handy.

Average salary: $64,130

Customer Service Manager

Customer service specialists can make decent money, but the best money in this industry comes from management positions. When you oversee other customer service specialists, you can practically double your salary while working from home.

Wayfair is one company that hires customer service managers to work from home, providing support to other agents and customers with escalated support tickets. Most of these positions require prior customer service and managerial experience.

Average salary: $58,168


Remote work for accountants is becoming more common, mostly because much of what an accountant does can be accomplished through computer programs and online tools. You can become a general accountant or opt for a specialized field, such as tax preparation, payroll accounting, or auditing. Many remote accounting jobs require you to have a bachelor’s degree and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or similar credential.

Average salary: $51,546

Social Media Manager

Social media management is a relatively versatile career choice. You can work exclusively with one company on all its social media endeavors, for example. Or work with different clients to provide social media management services as needed. You might create graphics for posts, write and schedule new posts, and reply to and moderate comments on social media accounts.

Social media managers don’t always need a college education or work experience, but some employers may require both. More importantly, you’ll need to be well-versed on multiple social media platforms.

Average salary: $51,322

Job Recruiter

Remote recruiters help businesses find the right people to fill their open job positions. Large corporations may hire full-time employees for this role, but smaller companies without as many open positions usually use contractors. The pay can be excellent for both employee and freelance roles.

Average salary: $51,105

Web Designer

As a web designer, you design website framework or themes for businesses or individuals that need help creating a website. Although it’s helpful to know about building websites on multiple platforms, like WordPress and Squarespace, you might also find success specializing in a specific platform. Some web designers market their services on their own websites or Etsy so that people can search for and buy their themes directly.

Average salary: $50,741


Translator jobs are plentiful and pay more, on average, than transcription jobs because of the language skills they require. You can get started as a translator through companies that hire contractors, like Rev or WeLocalize. However, for the highest pay opportunities, you should seek a company looking for a full-time translator. Employee positions often require at least two years of professional translating experience and a relevant college degree.

Average salary: $49,458

Event Planner

Plan events, from graduations to weddings, from the comfort of your home. You may need to meet with clients over the phone or through video to help them plan the perfect event, but much of your work can be done from home. Consider getting a separate phone line from which to conduct business, as you’ll need to use it frequently to contact vendors.

Average salary: $49,351

Grant Writer

A grant writer is a specific type of writer that writes grant proposals for companies. This type of writing is one of the highest-paid because it requires a unique skill set. As a grant writer, it’s your responsibility to highlight why an organization or institution is deserving of a grant. Some companies hire grant writers full or part-time, while others only look for a contractor for occasional projects.

Average salary: $48,843

Mental Health Therapist

Over the past few years, new companies providing online mental health services have become incredibly popular. These services allow patients to connect with mental health therapists to conveniently and securely provide phone or video therapy to them. Try BetterHelp, which lets you choose your schedule and pays a reliable income for your work.

Average salary: $45,515

Paralegal or Legal Assistant

Some law offices hire paralegals or legal assistants to work from home, preparing legal documents, making phone calls, researching, reviewing documents, and completing other administrative tasks. You may even be able to come a freelance paralegal to help a range of clients with their daily tasks and boosting your income potential.

Paralegals have a minimum of an associate degree, but many employers look for those with a bachelor’s degree.

Average salary: $44,263

Medical Coder

Medical coders may work with a health organization or as a freelancer for multiple companies. Some jobs require medical coders to have an associate degree in a health-related field, but others will hire people with a medical coding certification. The best-paying medical coding jobs are usually those with higher education and experience requirements. Your organization may also require you to work on-site for a few months before allowing you to work from home.

Average salary: $42,719

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant handles a variety of tasks each day, usually for multiple clients. It’s one of the most popular online jobs for stay at home moms because it’s genuinely one of the most flexible. As a business owner, you can negotiate terms with your clients, allowing you to work a schedule that works for your family while meeting the deadlines your client needs you to meet.

Virtual assistants can also choose which services to offer, like cold calling, email management, social media graphic design, blogging, data entry, and more.

Average salary: $40,765

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers provide writing services to businesses or organizations. The type of writing you can do can come in many forms, like blog writing, copywriting, journalism, news writing, and technical writing, each of which lands on a different part of the pay range. With that said, many opportunities exist for your freelance writing business – and, therefore, your pay – to grow, depending on the services you offer and clients you work with.

Average salary: $40,268

These jobs are some great options for online jobs for stay at home moms who want excellent pay. The best part about many of them is that they’re flexible in terms of how you work. You could go the employee route, but you can also choose to go into business for yourself with several of them, allowing you to boost your earnings by working with multiple clients. Either way, you can expect an excellent salary while working from home.

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