10 Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment

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Do you need extra cash? Are you looking for a way to make money online without investment from the comfort of your home?

Have you lost your job or on a pay cut? The current tough economic conditions have resulted in the closure of many businesses and massive layoffs.

If you are lucky and still working the pressure to perform is too much leading to.

  • Extreme fatigue and lethargy your energy levels are extremely low
  • Health problems, high blood pressure, health problems, or even stroke.
  • Uncharacterized emotional outburst you are lashing anger at your spouse or child.
  • Clinical depression

Why wait for gut-busting medical conditions to make a change.

Working from home can be a smart option. So where do you start?

Well, the good news here for you! We will show you practical ways to make that extra buck from home without prior experience. 

Read on to find out ten ways you can earn online, where to find the work and how much you can make.

1. Writing, Editing and Proofreading 

Writing involves creating content online and getting paid for it. This can be in the form of blog posts, articles, social posts, essays, and academic writing.

If you have your way with words or simply enjoy writing, identify a niche, and start earning from your passion. As a beginner, you can make between $10-$30 per hour. You can search for these jobs from sites like

Editing requires you to thoroughly scrutinize a document to primarily check on its flow, clarity, and sentence structure while still identifying grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Proofreading involves reading through a document word by word to ensure that it’s free from grammatical and spelling errors.

You can make anything between $5-$30 per hour. Trustworthy sites for proofreading and editing jobs include:


Can you type with speed? If yes, you can use your typing skills to make money online without investment through transcription. This involves listening to an audio file and recording what you hear. It requires you to have the ability to sit and listen for long hours and an attentive ear for details.

Transcriptionists get paid according to the length of the audio file. Your pay as a transcriber is dependent on how fast you can type. On average, with a typing speed of between 75-100 words per minute, you can earn between $7 to $21 per hour.

Legitimate transcription sites include:

3. Online Survey’s Are A Popular Way To Make Money Online Without Investment 

One of the easiest ways of earning without any experience is through online surveys. You will get paid for giving your opinion on new brands. 

These jobs are easy to do and can help you keep your income flowing by simply providing your honest opinion about a wide range of products.

Most companies are reliant on customer feedback to help them make improvements in their products and services. As such, they are willing to pay for these surveys.

Genuine sites you can sign up and make between $10 to $40 per hour include:

4. Data entry 

Data entry jobs offer an amazingly simple way to earn online. This only requires you to have basic computer skills, on the mark typing skills, and a desire for accuracy. It involves the use of computers and data processing programs to enter information into a database.

You can make an average of $10-$17 per hour. Wondering where to get data entry jobs? Well, there are various trustworthy online sites that  require no prior experience offering these jobs including:

5. Search Engine Evaluator 

The most common search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are not always error-proof and often provide inaccurate search results. 

That’s why evaluators are needed to analyze the search engines to make sure they deliver search results that accurately meet the searcher’s goal.

Your work as a search engine evaluator is to inspect the web search results and offer criticism to ensure that the search results are valuable, exact without spam, and of relevance to the user’s questions.

As an evaluator, you can make between $10- $15 per hour. Companies offering these jobs include:

6. Virtual Assistance To Make Money Online Without Investment

Many companies, small businesses, and bloggers are looking to hire virtual assistants to provide various administrative services. As a virtual assistant, you can perform tasks like social media management, editing, graphic design, research, among other administrative tasks.

If you are task-oriented with skills in proper communication, computer literacy, and organization, you can make an earning even without any experience in the field. What’s more, virtual assisting comes with a lot of flexibility and a wide range of services to choose from.

You can make between $25-$100 per hour working as a virtual assistant. The following sites offer virtual assistance jobs.

7. Online Tutoring

With advancements in technology, you can use online platforms to share your expertise whilst making some earnings from home. You can offer online tutoring in academic subjects like English, Computer science, Mathematics. You can also teach special languages including French, German, Chinese, etc. 

You can use Course Hero to create guides, videos and step by step answers to teach online in your area of expertise.

You don’t require any experience to do tutoring, you only need to focus on that particular area you excelled at in school. This is an excellent way for you to earn between $10-$60 per hour. You can get these jobs from sites like 

8. Translation

Are you fluent in more than one language? As a translator, you translate product descriptions, travel guides, online articles, customer support information, marketing and social media ads, emails, and web apps for companies all over the world.

A translator converts a document written in a source language into the desired language while ensuring that the original meaning in the source language is not lost. You will make between $10-$40 per hour with these jobs. Find translation jobs from sites like:

9. Website and application testing 

With basic website navigation knowledge, you can earn some extra bucks from website and application testing. As a website tester, your work is to test the functionality of a website and to ensure that it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate.

You will need a webcam and a microphone as you are required to record all your activities and give a genuine review of the design, substance, and convenience of the site.

You can earn between $5 and $20 for each 10-20 minutes test. These jobs are offered depending on the tester’s demographic profile. Get the jobs from sites like:

10. Customer service

Do you have excellent communication and telephone skills? If you have good typing skills and the ability to smoothly handle diverse customer issues, online customer service is for you. You will be required to offer assistance to customers via phone, online chat tools, or email.

There is unlimited demand for virtual customer service assistants as many companies all over the world have opted to outsource their customer service tasks to virtual call centers.

No experience is required but you will need a high-quality headset to get started and make $10-$21 per hour. Sites offering these jobs include:

How to Manage Working from Home 

Despite the freedom and flexibility that accompanies working from home, it also comes with its own share of challenges. Talk of the various distractions, tendencies to overwork, lack of work-life balance, time management struggles among others. 

All these can result in low productivity if not controlled. The following tips can help you manage to work from home effectively.

  • Organize by making a schedule and stick to it. This will enable you to balance your work and personal life.
  • Have a clearly set workplace – create a dedicated workplace and inform your family of your working hours to minimize distractions.
  • Keep the supplies you often use within reach to save on time.
  • Set boundaries- share your schedule with family and friends and  let them know your working hours 
  • Take a break – Taking some time off the computer in between work is good for your physical and mental health.
  • Brush up on time management- set out timings for tasks to be completed.

Final Thoughts

Everyone wishes to make that extra buck to supplement or keep the income flowing and so do you. What better way can you achieve this than doing this from the comfort of your home? Well, identify what will work best for you from our list and make money online without investment.

Mike Beaver

What started out as a way to make money when I was forced to work from home for health reasons has become a mission to teach others how to work from home. With advances in technology working from home is easier than ever for people of all ages and walks of life.

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