14 Legit Ways To Make Money Online

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Today, practically anyone, and we mean anyone, can find legit ways to make money online.

The hardest part is sorting through all of the nonsense and finding the authentic opportunities to earn online.

In this article, we discuss two dozen of the most well-known and proven ways to legitimately make money online.

So, you want the truth about legit ways to make money online? Here it is: there is an almost unlimited source of ways to make money online – you simply need to find the methods that fit you and your lifestyle the best.

Here are two-dozen legit ways that just about anyone can use to start making money online:

1. Affiliate Marketing

The first item on our list is one of the most common methods for making a fair amount of money online over the past decade or more. Affiliate marketing is available in nearly all industries that cross paths with the internet.

For example, there are several hotel booking sites like Booking.com that offer referral based affiliate marketing programs. Every time you get someone to book a stay using the site, you get paid for it..

In addition, major retailers like Amazon, thousands smaller retailers, and other various platforms like Skillshare, Fiverr, and Freelancer, also offer decent affiliate marketing programs that just about anyone can sign up for.

2. Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing for existing companies, as well as start-ups, is another legit way to make money online by helping others earn money as well.

This method for money-making online varies from affiliate marketing, because you are not being paid for each paying customer you send to whomever you are advertising and marketing for. Rather, you are being paid simply for advertising and helping market their services and products, in general.

This can be done in several manners. Today, writing social media ads and running marketing campaigns, as well as doing the same with Google ads, is one of the most popular and effective approaches to advertising and marketing.

3. Blogging

Not as many people seem to be interested in blogging as they were 10 years ago. That said, there are more opportunities for making money with a blog today than there has ever been.

With a blog, you can earn money from affiliate marketing, running paid advertisements, charging to post guest posts and sponsored blog posts, selling info-products (like courses or books), and so much more.

This method for making money online takes a bit of time to get set up and running properly, but blogging is one of the most proven legit ways to make money online, period.

4. Buying and Selling

Buying and selling things is another of the great and proven methods for making money online. Anyone can get into it, and for practically no cost. For example, eBay has a fee of less than $10 to get started with a store.

Once you have created an eBay store, you can post and sell everything from your used clothing, pokemon cards, and old beanie babies, to those Christmas gifts you still haven’t used.

Buying from local Facebook groups, Craigslist, and garage or yard sales, and posting the items on eBay with a profitable mark-up is all this method for earning money online requires to start working.

5. Coaching and Tutoring

If you have a talent, skill, or degree, then you are able to make money from coaching and/or tutoring. Numerous platforms exist for just this purpose including Skillshare and Udemy.

Personal websites can also be set-up as coaching and tutoring services. Pre-made themes exist on platforms such as WordPress that make building and customizing your own coaching/tutoring site quick and easy.

Further, for those who have strong language skills, there are plenty of phone apps that are designed for tutoring people in various languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Mandrin and more.

6. Consulting

Similar to coaching and tutoring, consulting is yet another way to make money online by helping others. This is typically done on a person-to-business or business-to-business perspective.

Consulting though, unlike coaching, is not so much “teaching” an individual how to do something as it is sharing “expert” advice with them.

For example, if you have built websites for 10-years, you can easily consult start-up companies who have no experience building websites.

7. Customer Service

If you are 18 years old, in some cases as young as 16, you can work as a customer service representative for various companies and websites.

These opportunities are found via job sites like Indeed and Monster, as well as through social media ads, local newspapers, and job boards like Craigslist.

Most customer service jobs pay like normal jobs, once every two weeks or month. They typically pay around minimum wage, though some pay much higher.

8. Crafts and Arts

If you are handy with arts and crafts, you may be able to make a “killing” selling your work online. Platforms like eBay, etsy, and Amazon, make selling your crafts and hand-made goods super simple.

All you need to do is set up your online shop, with a few clicks of a mouse, and a little bit of typing, to get started. After your store is ready, simply take plenty of great pictures of all your arts and crafts and price them accordingly.

It’s really that simple. That said, there is a lot of competition.

9. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is closely related to buying and selling. Basically, to make money drop shipping, you need to master a few things including product and competition research, pricing, photoshop, and writing product descriptions that sell.

Once you start to gain experience with drop shipping you can create a steady stream of income from listing products on platforms such as eBay or Amazon that you find for a cheaper price on another site such as Walmart or Homedepot.

Simply snag and alter the photos of products, hike the price up, and post the items on your eBay account. When a customer purchases from you, you buy the product from your source, and send it directly to your customers address.

10. Writing and Editing

If you know how to write well in any given language, you can find paying work writing and/or editing. You may need to take a writing and/or editing test before being hired, but other than that there are few requirements to get started with this method for making money from home.

Fiverr, Freelancer, and Indeed are great sources of high-paying writing and editing jobs. Job boards such as ProBlogger and Craigslist are also regularly posting writing and editing jobs.

11. Fashion Design

Have an eye for fashion design? Up and coming platforms like Teespring make getting into this make money online niche easier and easier every year.

On Teespring, you can sign up and start designing clothing lines for no cost. You only pay when you have orders. The platform allows you to be as original as you want, and to start selling with zero-money down.

12. Influencing

Do you have a strong social media following, or popular blog, website, or YouTube channel? If so, chances are you can start making money as an influencer today.

A quick Google search will yield you plenty of platforms to sign up on and list your specialty, or area which you can influence. You will then either be contacted by potential customers, or will be able to contact potential customers yourself.

Even beginner influencers can earn hundreds of dollars per week with very little work – literally a few posts on social media or blog.

13. Self-Publishing

Platforms like Amazon KDP and Barnes and Nobles Press make it very easy to self-publish your own writing. Whether you write poems, short stories, novels, how-to guides, cookbooks, or some else, you can make money from publishing them and selling them online.

Amazon KDP is the most popular self-publishing platform due to its large success. They currently have a pool of over thirty-two million dollars that their self-published authors share each month.

14. YouTube and Podcasting

Last but not least, if you are passionate about something, you can earn a ton of money online by podcasting about it and making YouTube videos. More platforms than we could mention here are available to get started, including Anchor, Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube.

The way that podcasting and YouTube channels earn income is based on ads viewed by listeners and viewers and sponsored ads in your actual content. That said, with YouTube, even the number of views that your content receives can earn you income once you have over 2,000 subscribers to your channel.

A Final Word About Legit Methods for Making Money Online

With the continued impact that technology has on the world marketplace, there are more and more legit ways to make money online popping up every year. But, which method is best for you? Only you can be the judge of that answer.

Hopefully our list helps make your search for the best ways to make money online for yourself a smoother and more successful journey.

Do you know about a great and legit way to make money online, that we didn’t list? If so, wed love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Good luck finding the best way to make money online for you!

Mike Beaver

What started out as a way to make money when I was forced to work from home for health reasons has become a mission to teach others how to work from home. With advances in technology working from home is easier than ever for people of all ages and walks of life.

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