Best Home Office Setup For Productivity

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Working from home is an amazing perk of modern society. In order to setup the best home office for productivity, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable with this arrangement. Regardless of whether you’re a full-time remote employee or you have to adjust to working from home due to the current pandemic situation, the fact of the matter is that you need adequate space to work. That said, one of the most essential practices is to set up your home office for maximum productivity. This is the main factor that can affect your work performance on a daily basis. Fortunately, the following tips have been proven to work wonders time and again.

Designate the Ideal Home Office Space in Your Home

The first step is also the most challenging one. However, where you work within your own home will make a big difference for your productivity levels. Your goal is to pinpoint an area with minimal distractions where you can focus on work. Ideally, you have a basement, garage, or some other structure in your yard that you can use for your home office. But, in case you have to look for space inside your actual living space, it’s paramount that you remain very critical and practical in your search.

So, if you have to work with a small space, visualize the essentials you’ll need for your home office. Usually, the necessities involve a desk, chair, and a computer. Scout your home carefully in order to pinpoint the best spot where these necessities can fit problem-free.

Now, it would be perfect to stay away from your bedroom or living room with a TV, but chances are these will be the two main choices.

In case you have to settle with the bedroom, make sure that your back is turned to the bed. You should never face the bed directly; otherwise, it could make your subconsciously tired and make it difficult to separate work from free time. And if you can’t block the view of your bed, use a screen around your home office space. An interesting idea involves utilizing your closet space as a makeshift home office.

The practice is similar when it comes to setting up your home office in the living room as well. Make it a point that you don’t face the TV or any other entertainment gadget that could break your productivity while you’re trying to work.

Lighting Is Important For The Best Home Office Setup For Productivity

Good lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of a productive home office. Since many people use their computers for work, they assume that the screen brightness will make up for the lack of lighting in the room. However, that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make, both for your work productivity and your health.

Locating your home office near the source of natural light is ideal. But, if that’s not possible in your case, make sure that the artificial lights illuminate the area well. Sit at your desk with the computer turned off and try to read a page in the book. If you find this to be a bit challenging and you have to strain your eyes due to poor lighting, this is a clear sign that you need to bring more light. If there’s room on your desk, get yourself a lamp. To save space, you can also look into LED lights that come with sticky tape and can be easily attached to any surface.

Failing to do so can soon cause eye strain that won’t only make your eyes itchy and dry, but will also cause headaches that will most certainly prevent you from having a truly productive day at work in your home office.

Choose a Desk and Chair That Work for and with You

When you’re looking to furnish your home office, a desk and a chair are undeniable must-haves. Obviously, the first thing you should pay attention to is the size of the furniture. Desk-wise, it’s important that it fits the area you’ve designated for your home office and allows you to hold your work essentials on it. Aside from that, it’s not overly necessary to put too much thought into your desk – unlike your chair.

That said, it’s crucial that you can adjust the height of your chair so that you can actually position it to match your height against the desk in the most comfortable manner. What’s more, your chair should have proper back support and armrests. Just like in a regular office, you will have to sit for hours in order to do the work, and you can’t afford to suffer from back and neck pain constantly.

In that sense, your furniture will greatly affect your posture, and your posture will make a difference between maximum productivity and no productivity at all. Pain caused by poor posture will prevent you from focusing on your work properly.

These days, office furniture often features an ergonomic design, so keep that feature in mind when browsing for new items.

This is not all, though. If you have to use a lot of stationary or keep a lot of documents at your reach, look for a desk that comes with drawers or built-in shelves. That way, you’ll be able to organize your other essentials and avoid the danger of cluttering your entire desk and home office area. As it’s one of the biggest productivity enemies, clutter is definitely not something you want to become a part of your home-based workday.

Introduce a Productivity Boost with Motivational Details

As mentioned, you want to stay away from clutter and distractions as much as possible. But, an overly impersonal and plain home office won’t do much for your productivity either. The key is to creating the best home office setup for productivity is a perfect balance as you customize this area to suit your tastes and personality.

We are all different and have different things that we find motivational. Find yours and use them as a productive force within your home office space.

To start off, fill this area with colors that make you all fired up and eager to do your best. It’s always possible to rely on color theory, but your own preference should always come first. Painting your wall is not the only option; you can use a cushion for your chair, computer mouse, stationary, etc. in the color of your choice.

Aside from the power of colors, feel free to experiment with imagery. Some people find it most productive to have a corkboard with a bunch of notes, to-do lists, and random fun pictures, while others draw a huge amount of productive energy from landscapes and similar aesthetics. Whatever you decide to go with, make sure that you don’t surround yourself with too many pictures of your friends and loved ones. Familiar faces and memories can distract you from work a lot and, in turn, minimize productivity. If you want to have a picture of someone at your home office, it’s best to stick to just one.

Of course, don’t go overboard with personal details. After all, this is a place of work, even though it may be located inside your home. A couple of motivational details are perfectly fine but make sure to avoid cluttering up your workspace with one too many trinkets and mementos. Think golden middle, and ditch the extremes.

Discover the Power of Greenery in Your Best Home Office Setup For Productivity

When you want to set up your home office for maximum productivity, you simply can’t go wrong with adding a couple of real plants. Plants may seem like such a redundant detail when it comes to work and office space, but their role in concentration and productivity boost shouldn’t be ignored.

Plants are a great addition to every office, not just a home-based one. It’s been scientifically proven that the presence of plants effectively reduces stress. What’s more, plants clean the air and promote noise reduction, which automatically creates a more pleasant work environment. Looking at nature has the magic-like power to shift the brain mode we’re operating on, thus allowing for a considerable increase in creativity, critical thinking, and productivity. Not to mention that the pots you plan to use for your plants can also become a part of your home office personalization.

If you worry about the lack of daylight or find your thumb to be anything but green, you can simply opt for low-maintenance plants that thrive in all kinds of environments. These are mostly rubber plants and succulents, as well as peace lilies.

With your home office all set up, the rest is up to you. You can be certain that your productivity levels will skyrocket if you clearly separate your personal and professional life. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can neglect your tasks and responsibilities. Create a schedule that works the best for you and stick to it, meaningful breaks and all. And most importantly, get out of your pajamas and get dressed before you sit at your home office desk to work!

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