10 Benefits of Working from Home

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way employment looks for many. Many employees have had to change their office location to their homes due to social distancing laws and health matters. Other job seekers are desiring a remote job over any other, whether that be due to the COVID-19 pandemic or not. Employees enjoy many benefits of working from home. There is often times less stress associated with the job when working from your own home office. There are many other benefits when considering remote work as well.

1. Work-Life Balance

Most work from home jobs come with a flexible schedule, meaning that you have the opportunity to determine some of the hours that you want to work. You only have to meet the deadlines provided to you by your manager. Make sure that you have completed the work that is assigned to you by the end of the day, and in many cases, you can wake up when you want to. The balance will afford you less stress, leading to a better work-life balance.

In considering this work-life balance, you will have the time you need to pick your children up for school, go to appointments, and run the errands that need to get done. You will not have to worry about making arrangements for the children and waiting for the weekend or late nights to get things done.

2. No Commute Is A Big Benefit Of Working From Home

A second benefit of working from home is that you do not have to worry about the commute to your office each day. Commutes can be a source of stress in and of itself. A typical commute takes up to and at least an hour of your day every day, which you could spend completing your work or errands.

You also have to worry about other individuals on the road when you have a commute, whose driving may cause you increased stress as well. Having to face this every day could lead to medical problems in the future, including anxiety, increased cholesterol, and increased blood pressure to name a few.

3. Travel Opportunities

One great benefit of remote work is that you can literally work from wherever you please. This gives you greater travel independence. You could go on vacation with your family, for instance, without having to take off work. Just bring your computer or your work materials with you and set aside some time each day to complete your tasks.

A remote job also works perfectly for individuals who may move frequently due to being in the military or other concerns. You do not have to search for a new job every time you move and can continue working even throughout the move. A work-life balance is at the heart of the benefits of a remote job, and you can find this anywhere you please.

4. Save Money

You will be saving money in the long run when you are working from home. You will not have to worry about the expenses of gasoline and car maintenance that may come from your commute, which leads to thousands in savings every year. There are other financial costs you do not have to worry about either, including going out for lunch, professional clothing, parking tickets, and bus fares if you use public transportation.

Businesses are also saving on their financial costs by allowing work from home opportunities. They may be able to afford a smaller workspace, if they need one at all, leading to a significantly reduced rent. Utility costs will be much lower as well as there will be less internet needed and less electricity usage at the office itself.

5. Environmental Friendliness

One other benefit concerning the lack of a commute is the environmental impact that it makes. There will be fewer greenhouse gases emitted from the vehicles on the road as your vehicle will not be on the road. As more and more employees turn to work from home opportunities, there will be fewer and fewer environmental impacts from the commuters.

Other less obvious environmental impacts come with working from home as well. There will be less paper usage without the paper trail that comes with a physical office. Documents will most likely be mostly electronic, and emails will be the primary forms of communication. A lack of employees will use less electricity as well, meaning less of an impact on the energy usage needed.

6. Better Relationships Is One Of The Surprising Benefits Of Working From Home

Believe it or not, working from home affords itself to better relationships between co-workers and managers. You can even have fun when communicating with your co-workers over webcam software or other online methods. If your company allows it, you can incorporate emojis, effects, and much more into your web chats to really enhance the fun of your work environment.

The real reason that better relationships exist when working from home is that you realize just how important it is to stay in touch with your co-workers. You do not see them every day, but you will come to know that everyone needs to be on the same page. When considering this, you are more likely to contact a co-worker at least daily to provide them updates and check in on one another.

7. Cultural Awareness

If you are working for a company that allows remote work, you are more than likely going to increase your cultural awareness. In many instances, these companies hire employees from all around the globe. These employees will bring different values, cultures, and traditions to share at the workplace that you all are employed. You will be able to learn more about their cultures and about how to be accommodating to them.

The multicultural individuals that work with you will also bring about their socioeconomic backgrounds and perspectives. Though you may hold a different perspective or background from them, you will learn to develop a community together. You will have greater sensitivity to others’ needs and friendships you may have never found before.

8. Custom Offices

When working from home, you will be able to design your own office space. Your office will be only yours and fully customizable, with your design aesthetics in mind. Designing your office can provide fun opportunities for you to really explore your creative side. You will be able to bring in items that allow you to relax and focus on the work that is ahead of you without worrying about company policies.

One idea for customizing your office is to consider painting the walls in a way that brings you relaxation and joy. Bring in greenery and plants as they are known for being a natural de-stressor. Pick out office decorations and supplies that reflect your unique personality and bring you happiness when you use them.

9. Increased Productivity

Another benefit that may be difficult to believe is that you will be more productive when working from home. There will be fewer interruptions from co-workers, customers, and office visitors. You will also have fewer distractions from random office noises and co-workers, leading you to be able to sit down and focus on your tasks at hand.

You, as an employee, will also find that your performance will go up on the tasks that you have to complete. You will put more focus on your assignments to ensure they are complete, correct, and have quality. The business or company will take notice of this, which may even lead to you as an employee receiving rewards or other incentives for your job well done.

10. No Politics Is One Of My Favorite Benefits Of Working From Home

No matter how great the company you work for may be, there will always be some level of office politics. Office politics are especially true if you work in a physical office with other employees. When you work remotely, you can help you to avoid many of these politics and office standards, however.

When working remotely, you and your co-workers will not have the chance to spread gossip and start rumors. There are no spaces where you can take a break together and talk about the latest office gossip. You are sure to have at least heard some of these rumors, even if you do not engage in them directly. Working from home can completely dismiss the ability to spread this information, however, leading to less drama and fewer politics.

How to Work Remotely

As you may have noticed above, there are so many benefits to working from home. There are many companies, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic, that are hiring more work-from-home jobs. You can find these on popular job search boards. Apply just as you would for any other job and be ready for a phone or webcam interview. Stay as confident as you would in any other interview, and you are sure to find these benefits for yourself in your new remote position. You may even find other benefits not found on this list, but they will all be worth it when you get settled in your remote job.

Mike Beaver

What started out as a way to make money when I was forced to work from home for health reasons has become a mission to teach others how to work from home. With advances in technology working from home is easier than ever for people of all ages and walks of life.

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